"At my annual conference, we had 17 world class presenters and that included Bob Sima and Shannon Plummer. They were beyond awesome. The response from the attendees was nothing short of epic and they instantly connected with their energy, values, perspective and loving vibration. What makes Bob and Shannon so amazing is their deep understanding of the human spirit and their ability to communicate the true essence of that to their audience. They are healers of the heart and would add so much to your next event as well. I give them my highest endorsement." 
Dr Bob Hoffman, The Masters Circle
The Masters Circle; a company dedicated to raising the standards and the consciousness of wellness doctors worldwide.


Consciousness in Concert

Bob's music bridges daily life and soul consciousness, the eternal with the now, through instantly accessible songs that take up residence and resonance in your soul.

When Sima opens his mouth to sing, what emerges is far beyond the human sounds of his warm and soulful voice. He speaks the language of the Universe, the language of the soul, the language of the heart. But he’s not just singing to his audience. He is the musical navigation that guides people to reconnect to themselves and to each other. Shannon’s harmonies are so perfectly attuned to Sima’s voice that it is as if there is one voice coming from the stage. They bring a catalog of original music, with two powerful voices that can bring any community or gathering closer together in one sitting.

Message in Music

Integration of Spoken and Sung Message

A divine combination of music, harmony, wisdom, joy, and presence that will lead the audience to their own sovereign truths.

Combine stimulating and channeled discussion from Shannon with a unique musical twist from Bob and you have a keynote Message in Music. Our brains retain information best when there are multiple sensory inputs. The songs will drive home the message of the talk to deliver a unique blend of left- and right-brain experiences to your audience. The visual support comes from your fully-engaged imagination.

Music Meditation

A safe resting place from the frenzy. It is both a journey and a destination.  

Paying Inner Attention 

The majority of us move through life mindlessly driven from one task to the next. Our thoughts and our bodies are in constant perpetual motion. This leaves us stressed out, tapped out, and poorly equipped to deal with the frenetic pace of the world.


The Music Meditation and Journey can be a 30-min to 3 hour session where the intention is set to go on a deeply personal journey. It is a multi-dimensional experience that may weave inspiring message-rich live music, conscious breathwork, silence, poetry, and guided meditation - all interwoven to take listeners on a beautiful inward journey. Bob performs songs with a contemplative and meditative feel that you won't hear in a typical concert setting.

Medicine Wheel Activation

Shamanic Journey through the Four Directions

An invitation for you to connect our human perception of linear time and space with the spiral reality of the
soul's journey. The medicine of the Four Directions will be activated in your energetic body.

A 2-hour experiential workshop, Medicine Wheel Activation, develops an understanding of shamanic journeying and the significance of connecting to the spirit world as you journey to each of the Four Directions to discover valuable personal insights and gather information to support your spiritual evolution. 


The experience is a guided journey through the energies of the Four Directions that lead us to the ultimate nothingness when the soul arrives back to the beautiful place where it began, in the knowing and presence of All That Is. The workshop is an invitation for you to connect our human perception of linear time and space with the spiral reality of the soul’s journey. 


Each leg of the journey will be activated in your energetic body with tools that carry the medicine of each direction: element, spirit animal, geometry, archetype, breathwork, and music. Shannon and Bob simply create the program for you to enter. The call is for you to re-member the All Of You through your own personal journey.

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Full Body Musical Experience

Release the Aurora Borealis Within

A powerful journey through the chakras as you come to know the subtleties of your energetic body and how to live from a place of balance and flow.

Our bodies fluctuate between balance and imbalance multiple times throughout the day. Imbalance can be identified on many levels - physical, emotional, mental, dietary, intellectual, spiritual, etc - and can flow through multiple levels at any given moment. Since an imbalance does not always present in physical form (eg aches and pains) within our body, detection must be felt through our internal energy system. How can we reach the obvious and unseen energies within us?


The Full Body Musical Experience is an intentional chakra balance. It reaches the space where the divine and the human intersect, where the physical meets the non-physical, where the body-mind-spirit merge. It is a uniquely personal journey for insights, heightened levels of awareness, epiphanies, deep relaxation, transformations, and inner peace. 


The Full Body Musical Experience is a 2-4 hour session where the intention is set to go on a deeply personal journey. It is a multi-dimensional experience of discussion, guided meditation, live music, conscious breathwork, sound, and light. Each of the 7 major chakra centers is intentionally awakened during this beautiful inward journey. 

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Practical Breathwork

Self-Healing. Self-Mastery. Self-Discovery.

A Master class for developing a life changing practice of breathwork. Get immediate relief from anxiety,
depression, addictions, low energy, and digital fog. Deepen your spiritual connection.

The majority of us navigate through life in a constant state of low-grade stress. It lies just below the surface of our consciousness, a slight unrest. In medical terms, it's called sympathetic dominance. It's a nervous system imbalance, a deficit in the "spirit"ual transaction of life. This stress is often undetected and when left to proliferate, its cumulative effects are devastating. It leads to disease of the physical, distress of the emotional, and disconnection from the spiritual aspects of our human experience. The very essence of our being wants to relieve this imbalance and so it reaches for outside substances to provide temporary relief. The ultimate solution to relieve this multi-dimensional imbalance is the ultimate companion, the ultimate substance — the breath.


Breathwork is a field of study and practice that is deep and wide and complex. For millennia, breathwork has been practiced and taught for the benefit of mind, body, and spiritual enhancement by yogis, shaman, zen masters, re-birthers, energy healers. It is deeply rooted in much of eastern medicine and spirituality. Practical Breathwork is an experiential workshop that combines elemental aspects, tools, and techniques from the best of this complex field.


Practical leads to a practice which leads to sustainability. The ultimate aim of the workshop is for the participant to leave with a practice that will immediately have an impact on, in, and around their life. Expect revolutionary information to: restore nervous system balance, deepen meditation, revitalize health and well- being, raise energy and clarity, improve sleep and digestion, reduce cravings, magnify multi-level presence, and amplify connection to all. The experiential workshop combines an intoxicating blend of discussion, ancient forms of meditation, dozens of focused breathing exercises, deep spiritual connection to yourself and others, and live devotional and ecstatic music.

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Then Sings My Soul

A challenge to unleash your unique creative energies through the process of redirecting the inner critic and
developing a brand new concept of creativity. 

Creativity IS Everyone

The Then Sings My Soul workshop is designed to amplify the still small voice, which is the source of all creativity. Whether you are a self-proclaimed non-creative or you are already creating your masterpiece, this workshop will reveal that creativity is not what you think it is. 


Do you ever?...

  • …desire to start a new project, then question your abilities to complete it?
  • …want to try something new, then wonder if you will be good at it?
  • …wish to create anything original, then hear a voice telling you “you’re just like everyone else”?
  • …begin a practice, then ponder if it is really making a difference?

Through discussion, meditation, integrative breathwork, and experiential activities, you will identify, magnify, and release your creative blocks and open to the reality that creativity is in everyone. You will make spiritual progress and creative leaps throughout this workshop. The workshop produces the best results if planned for at least 3 hours.

Boldly Going Nowhere Retreats

From Striving to Arriving

This place is where the seeker becomes the seer, the striver becomes the arriver, the questioner becomes the knower. We are a movement devoted to creating a new human experience, as a human being.

How long have you been working, reaching, scratching and kicking, striving to get there - only to realize that "this" there disappears into the “next” there? This moment turns into that moment. And you wake up years later to realize that joy has become a fantasy or just another “there”. In all of your striving you don’t notice the subtle, energy-draining effect of this cycle.


There doesn’t exist.


Welcome to nowHERE.


A new baseline, a new start-from, a new build-from - a new foundation from which to create, experience, and enjoy in joy. The point is... there is no point.


Our mission is to inspire a path to HERE. A place where all is manifest, all ideas are born, all possibilities exist. A place where clarity is born, peace lives, and chaos dies. A place many have been seeking - and through perpetual seeking, have perceived it to be unattainable.


This place is nowhere; this place is nowHERE.


If you feel like you've been running a marathon for much longer than the required 26 miles required, this is for you. Life is not a race. Life is presence. The greatest gift you can give yourself and everyone around you is presence.





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"The Universe in her benevolence and mystery gave us the opportunity to experience and work with Bob and Shannon at a spiritual retreat. We didn’t know them at all and ended up being transfixed and totally enchanted with them, their music, their meditation practices and their breath work experiences. They are deep, soul stirring and amazing. They teach and heal through their gifts of sound, vibration and breath. Together they weave a harmony of voice and experience that’s amazing. Do yourself a favour and make sure you find a way to experience them and their music, you’ll be blessed beyond measure. They had us from the first song!!"
 Drs Deborah and Kenn Gordon

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