Mystical Musician

These Mountains

© 2020 Bob Sima Music, from the album Good Words Good Thoughts Good Deeds, released 1 May 2020

No Mud No Lotus

© 2017 Bob Sima Music, from the album The Movers The Shakers and The Peacemakers, released 26 October 2017

Same Energy

© 2016 Bob Sima Music, from the album It’s Time, released 5 February 2016

"My favorite things are spirituality and transformation, learning and development, and the creative/musical arts. With Bob Sima you have it all. Joy and delight always come with great performances, but with Bob Sima there is more. This is an artist that inspires reflection and revelation, relaxation and insight and left brain/right brain synergy, After a Bob Sima event (I would call it an event, not a concert), you feel you have touched sacred depths, been uplifted by positive vibrations, and been immersed in an experience you wish all the world could have. I hope Bob keeps spreading these profound experiences, these messages and his music." 
MC, Canton OH


Bob Sima has been compiling his original songs in album compilations since 2006. There are very few covers included on his albums. In fact, the ones included are songs that he wishes he would have written himself! His albums are direct reflections and time stamps of his own life lessons, collected and created (unintentionally) as a history of his own personal journey, awarenesses, and inspirations. Albums are available as hard copy CD or download, unless otherwise noted. The entire Bob Sima library of music is also available on USB thumb drive.

Good Words Good Thoughts Good Deeds

Released May 2020

The Movers The Shakers & The Peacemakers

Released October 2017

A Thousand Cups of Tea

Released August 2016

It's Time

Released February 2016

Believe the Bird

Released March 2014

available only as a download (no CD option)


Released March 2014

Live at the RamsHead OnStage
Bob Sima & Marc Douglas Berardo

Released February 2014

no longer available for purchase

Thin Little Veil

Released March 2012


Released September 2008

Pour It On

Released December 2006

"I dare anyone to see Bob perform and NOT walk away feeling inspired to love the world just a little bit better."
Ray Proetto