Shannon & Bob

"I can heartily recommend Bob and Shannon to anyone seeking an increase in life expansion."

Bob and Shannon offer life-changing concerts, workshops, experiential retreats, and one-on-one coaching and healing programs for those relentlessly seeking practical and inspirational tools for the journey. Their online content has inspired thousands of people wanting full potential living. Together they amplify each other’s gifts into a divine combination that will lead the soul to truth and peace.

Shannon Plummer

The Coach. The Integrator.

Shannon has at her fingertips the lighting, in her voice the thunder, and within her presence the earth. A shaman by practice but not by title. In her foundational lineage, the shaman consider themselves apprentices and practitioners, always deepening their connection to the spirit world. It is a lifelong way of being. 


Her connection started as a child. She was culling the energies, shifting the rivers, touching other dimensions, and listening for the messages from the four- leggeds and the winged ones for as far back as her memories exist. She carried this throughout her 15-year career in government as a program manager where she excelled at training, team-building, and creating personal development programs.


She is a soul retriever and message receiver for the committed ones, those seeking a path of healing and clarity. To balance the shamanic work, she is a board-certified life coach. This allows her to hold high watch for your soul while deftly guiding your human experience. 


In the realms of coaching and counseling which talk through issues, the shamanic practices are able to work at the energetic level for soul healing. Shannon’s combination of the two worlds offers a space for no stone to be left unturned and no questions to be left pondered. 


Working with Shannon is a gift to yourself. If it is time to make a change, once and for all, it is time to talk to Shannon.


Speak My Passion LLC contracts Coaching and Shamanic Healing Services to Where the Light Gets In Ministries, a 501(c)3 religious organization affiliated with the Alliance of Divine Love.

Bob Sima

The Songwriter. The Muse.

Bob is an “untrained” musician who allows his music to roam free of rules. The lyrics are divine dictations. His superpower is an unbridled desire to articulate a path of awakening to the heart of humanity through his songs. He is more influenced by Gandhi than Dylan.


He is a prolific songwriter with a catalog of albums and is becoming a world-wide messenger through his music. His music has graced a variety of stages, from the Kennedy Center to Turning Point Recovery Center. He is a songwriter not intent on entertainment, yet he is entertaining. 


Bob has won awards in multiple genres and music markets, yet his music is genre-less. Bob carves his own unique niche, blending his music with meditation, breathwork, workshops, and retreat experiences. His music gives him license to be a mentor and teacher. As an ordained minister, he honors this license in a way that creates his unique package of transformational content. He accomplishes in a four-minute song what a skilled orator creates in an hour-long speech.


The songs gently hold your hand, slowly infiltrating your old ways of thinking. They act as a guide that you did not invite, yet you would never ask to leave. They ask nothing of you, yet you cannot deny acting on the feelings they create within you.


This music is not for the passive listener. 

This is what...


...SOUNDS like...


Bob Sima Music LLC contracts Music Services to Where the Light Gets In Ministries, a 501(c)3 religious organization affiliated with the Alliance of Divine Love.

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